Foot Massage Therapy

Deep Relaxing Massage Therapy

A foot massage in Yonge is exclusively focused primarily on the muscles placed around the back and front of the feet. There are several muscles placed around the feet involving; the abductor hallucis, tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis brevis, extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus, dorsal interosseous and the lumbrical muscles.

Foot Massage Richmond Hill

A foot massage in Richmond Hill involves a range of procedures, each utilized to decrease pain, relieve tension and enhance circulation. Massage therapists at A Plus Wellness Centre use foot massage to reduce pain, decrease tightness, and enhance recovery.

When can a Body Treatment and Foot Massage assist?

A Body Treatment and Foot Massage can assist in many different ways. Below mentioned are few ways in which a foot massage can assist:

  • Post-injury
  • Acute Pain
  • Scarring
  • Post-surgery

What are the advantages of a foot massage?

There are a spectrum of benefits gained through a foot massage and body treatment, which are

  • Stress and Pain Relief Massage
  • Increased healing
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced swelling
  • Breakdown of scar tissue

Blood circulation is improved during a relaxation massage therapy. Enhancing blood circulation increases the volume of nutrients and oxygen given to the injured muscles. An increase in nutrients and oxygen provides the muscles with more energy and makes them healthier and stronger.