About us

Deep Relaxing Massage Therapy

Providing all Treatments in the Warmth of Our Chalet!

A Plus Wellness Centre is the prominent provider of one of the best full body massage treatment services in and around Richmond Hill. So after a stressful day at the work, there is certainly no need to step back out into the cold. We will assist you with therapeutic relaxation massage therapy, so all you have to do is relish the service!

Our Approach

Our beauty attendant’s objective is to provide you the best massage you have ever received in Richmond Hill! We are qualified massage specialist with experience of massaging clients at Richmond Hill, so you know you are in safe hands! Thai traditional relaxation massage therapy and Back walking treatment relieves back, neck, and shoulder tension, eye strain, and headaches. It also mitigates mental fatigue and improves concentration.

We are among the most highly trained masseurs and masseuses in Richmond Hill and the most reviewed massage professional in this area. After their first visit to the clinic, clients generally comment that they had been looking for such a hands-on, efficient massage services for a long period of time.

Why Us

Our Relaxation Massage Therapy professionals are energetic experts, who love what they execute, who are committed to execute it well, and who always present themselves in polished, professional manner, as their whole profession depends on their passion and dedication towards massage therapy itself.

Our expert Full Body Massage Treatment will help you revitalize and boost energy levels. It prompts endorphins and oxytocin – your natural calming hormones and will also enhance effectiveness and reduce stress levels.